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Minetech Resources Berhad's subsidiary, Minetech Premix Sdn Bhd, undertakes the production and sales of premix products for the following:
  • Asphaltic Concrete Binder Course
  • Asphaltic Concrete Wearing Course
  • Bituminous Macadam Binder Course
  • Bituminous Macadam Wearing Course

The Group currently has 3 production plants located at Puchong (Selangor), Bidor (Perak), and Diman (Terengganu). These production plants blend different sizes of aggregates with a pre-determined amount of bitumen and filler or cement for asphalt premix production. These products are primarily used for road construction and maintenance.

Specialized Services


Specialized Services

Separated to different sub-base

Our plants are all accredited with JKR (Public Works Department) production standards.



MBSA - Resurfacing works.

MPSJ - Resurfacing works.

Third lane widening - North South Expressway.
Infrastructure works - Proton City, Tanjung Malim.
K.Behrang - Wakaf Tapai Federal Road Project.
East Coast Expressway (LPT 2) - Phase 2 - Package 9C.